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Pawtuckaway Trading Post is a store in the town of Raymond, New Hampshire. We  provide top quality recreational outdoor supplies for a convenient and high quality experience.


​About Us

Pawtuckaway Trading Post is a family owned store front in the town of Raymond, New Hampshire. We provide top quality outdoorsman supplies for a convenient and high quality experience. Please like and follow our Facebook page Pawtuckaway Trading Post to support us as we diligently work on making sure everyone has a fantastic  outdoor experience with the beautiful landscape that is New Hampshire . 

At Pawtuckaway Trading Post we do our best to have a diverse selection to offer anyone a high quality experience in their outdoor activities. We pride ourselves on giving honest suggestions and advice. We always guide everyone to what they truly need and suggest items, forms of training, and good locations for activities. We believe anyone and everyone no matter what shouldn't feel uncomfortable or unsure on what they need or how to start participating in outdoor recreational hobbies after they have left any outdoor supply store so we make sure to educate anyone who would like some advice in any of the fields we supply.

We aim to please! Our prices are always set to be affordable for anyone from any walk of life. We are open to any and all suggestions on what others in the community would like to see in the store. If you would like something very specific we will let you know if we are able to acquire the item for you such as any high cost or rare firearms, hard to acquire ammo, boots, and any specific gun holsters. 


We offer a selection of quality hunting supplies such as game calls, scents & scent eliminator, decoys, camouflage accessories & clothing.


We offer a selection of  fresh water  & salt water fishing supplies such as lines, rods, reels, fly fishing gear, and tackle.

Outdoor Recreation

We  offer a selection of day packs/ backpacks, trail maps, hydration accessories,  trekking poles, binoculars, bug sprays & head nets, first aids kits, flashlights, outdoor games, and weather based clothing.

During the winter months we will offer snow shoes, ice skates, and hockey gear.

Survival Gear

we offer a selection of deployment bags/ survival kits, hydration filters, light sticks, fire starters, multi tools, and para cord wrist packs.

Guns & Ammo

We offer a selection of firearms, ammo of various calibers, targets, cleaning supplies, firearm accessories, and holsters/cases.

Tactical Gear

We offer a selection of tactical gear such as tactical vests, nonlethal self defense items, and other miscellaneous tactical gear.